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older fitflop singapore sale women in the group also lost

07/24/2013 in Ciencias Sociales

When Muscle Morphs into Fat


Your body is playing a sneaky trick on you, replacing firm, compact muscle with soft, lumpy fat, which takes up more space. This shapeshifting phenomenon is commonbut not inevitable. With every pound of muscle lost, your metabolism falls off by as much as 30 calories a day. It’s a lousy scenario for more than just your wardrobe. Resistance training has been shown to preserveand even replenishmuscle, and it helps fight fat: In a Canadian study of 31 women, all gained about 2 pounds of muscle after lifting weights for 6 fitflops months. The older fitflop singapore sale women in the group also lost 2 pounds of fat.


start building firm, shapely muscles, try a flabfighting workout. For best results, make sure you’re challenging yourself; you should choose a weight that you can lift for at least 8 reps, but no more than 12. If you can do more than 15 reps, the weight is too light.


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